Hair Cut Mode From Alicia Keys

By | January 2, 2018
Alicia Keys Hair Style

Hair Style Alicia Keys

Hold on to your little hats and prepare to clutch your pearls, as a result of Alicia Keys simply got a majorly short haircut, and he or she not feels like the Alicia Keys you recognize and love – the mother of each song you’ve drunkenly (and soberly) sung within the middle of a bar has cut off all of her signature long curls into a brief, choppy bob – Already been an enormous month for celebrity hair changes, with Demi Lovato coloring her black hair blonde, Sophie Turner coloring her blonde hair atomic number 78, and currently Alicia Keys is following suit, however this point with a haircut-

The Details The singer denote a photograph to her Instagram this past week carrying a bustier, subdued makeup, and, most perceptibly, considerably less hair than usual-Picture depicts Keys with a brief, voluminous, facet-swept bob that’s brushed to at least one side of her head. So, you know, altogether totally different than the Keys we’re accustomed seeing.“That’s Alicia Keys?” asked one  editor, before adding, “She feels like an attractive this poeple” reality (although poeple  is clearly already sexy). Keys didnot tag any hairstylists or photografer  or brands in her photo, therefore we tend to can’t tell whether or not this new hairstyle was for a shoot or a campaign, or simply a fun in-the-moment hair amendment, however either approach, I’m enamored with it, and then a her fans.“Beautiful haircut!” reads one treat the picture, whereas another reads, “Looks higher than any hairstyle she has ever had.” after all, there’s forever an opportunity that the complete look is simply a faux out, and Keys ne’er cut her hair and is simply carrying a wig, however I opt to believe what i need to believe, that is that Keys finally jumped on the short-hair train and is riding it all the approach into 2019.And if this simply created you actually, actually need to chop your hair, then explore my absolute favorite celebrity haircuts to get you inspired your style–